Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rangoon Creeper, Quisqualis Indica

Good Morning, now out side raining so i capture picture in my garden leaves and flowers clean with rains,i feel fresh air and beautiful pink color with green so share with friends, It is commonly called Niyog-niyogan, balitadham, tartaraok, Rangoon creeper and Chinese honeysuckle. Urdu: Ishq Pechaan عسق پیچاں ,The gorgeous flowers of Rangoon Creeper open white, change to pink, then bright red over a 2-3 day period.
Capture from my cell phone Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Location Rohri

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Black Francolin Partridges, Karo Titer

Black Francolin Partridges, Karo Titer

Source: Titer Bird

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Black Francolin Partridges, Karo Titer

Baby Black Francolin Partridges, Karo Titer

Baby Black Francolin / Partridge Local Name: Sindhi: Karo Tittar Urdu: Kala Titer Common Bird.
Here is video with sound of titer bird


Source: Black Francolin

My Pet (Choti Chiriyan)

Tell me name please if you know.

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My Peacock

My Rohri Peacock
What can you say about this guy's pictures that we are able to showcase

This image of a peacock is stunning the colors on these fine birds are just hard to match anyway in nature

Moreover it's his own pet peacock!

This Picture is Taken from Olympus C770Uz Pakistan

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Photos taken with Olympus C770UZ

Photos taken on May 08, 2009

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